15. 11. 2014

burningboy stars in video by Panacik

Panačik released the latest video to his Postmoderna album. burningboy took role of one of the characters, too.

04. 12. 2013


Nikola Mucha

Play a podcast of Radio R's bohemian revue. Excuse the bad sound quality caused by technical error in the studio. You can hear the show live each even Saturday at 8pm on www.RadioR.cz

burningboy invited a real authority on this subject - a singer and musician Nikola Mucha, who is currently touring with her new album - Slovanská Epopej and her band Mucha. She found time in her tight schedule and spoke about bohemianism, music and the sound of strange cities. In the meantime you will hear samples from Flexy booking catalogue again.

03. 12. 2013


burningboy blogging

I’ve been trying to make myself blog something for a few weeks and today it seems to be the glorious day! Everybody’s been questioning me the cliché: „when are you gonna throw a party“(as if they had ever come to any..;), so it time to come up with it: it’s gonna be in summer!

I was thinking it was high time I quitted, my peers spending evenings knackered at home and if they found I was throwing one they’d most probably pull down the blinds and turn off their phones. They’re adult and responsible now (or they really are as they have children), so they can’t afford wasting the weekend hanging out and panic on Monday morning and claim a sick leave with acute bone inflammation.. I personally miss it now and then though, there’s nothing more distressing than going fresh to work on Monday morning! Staying sober just ain‘t cool and it hasn’t brought anything positive to anyone (as far as I remember).

I’ve noticed there are new people giving parties and they are quite good at it, so there’s no need overbooking the calendar. I’ve also found burningBEATS have become pretty stable structure, which is wrong and I don’t wanna go on like that. burningBEATS have never been meant to be a standard festival and they won’t be. Each year was meant to be unique and they were: different locations, varied program, frequency and dates, afterparties, etc., but it’s got exploited all through and I wouldn’t even know where to organize it next. Well, I would know about a place, I’ve been looking up to Spilberk castle to give it a decent summer festival for a long time, but I hear nobody would give much fuck about it as the castle is on a hill high too much to walk. So I don’t give a fuck either.

In summer, I took a year brake and left for European tour to my new album. I performed in public space of five countries, in the streets, squares, promenades, they call it „busking“. It’s not good enough for everybody, my grandma for instance felt a bit ashamed for me. For me it was the ultimate blast: demonstration of freedom and independence, courage to rock it in a strange place in front of strange people, with the risk of being brought down by the police or anybody else. Just rock’n’roll! And then it hit me: the fifth year of burningBEATS will have the title BUSKING pARTy. It’s gonna be a completely new concept again. Back to the streets, no addmission fees, just the hat, intervention into public space. You don’t have come to burningBEATS anymore, because in summer it‘s gonna be the BUSKING pARTy that’s gonna come to you, streets are ours.

Graphic‘s by a driven team of experts of Mutant Industries, like it?


02. 12. 2013


Eleven Club and Flexy Booking

Olda Vojáček accepted invitation to Radio R studio and introduced the latest "important event" on Brno's nightlife timeline - Eleven club.

In the second part, burningboy talks about Flexy booking, which represents 17 bands, organizers and DJs, (including himself) all new, unseen and fresh names of Czech electronic scene.

01. 12. 2013


Time of Wolves

burningboy has invited Šimon Kořený and Tomáš Tkáč to his bohemian show. They are the music theoreticians standing behind an outstanding gig series called Hodina mezi psem a vlkem - Time of wolves.

24. 10. 2013

burningDOWNtheHOUSE New Season

Radek Pernica - Scala Cinema

The new season of burningDOWNtheHOUSE on Radio R started on 19th October. It followed a change of program's description - from now on it is a bohemian magazine. It will still bring you interviews with mainly Brno's culture scene personas - people, without whom bohemian principles of freedom, beauty, truth and love would be just empty words.

burningboy invited Radek Pernica - the director of Scala University Cinema and Erik Omar with Jakub Hnát from Union of Moravian Bohemians to the launch show.

04. 08. 2013

Interview with burningboy about His New Album on Vice.com

Vice.com printscreen

04. 08. 2013

Penetration Euro-Street Tour: Berlin

burningboy blogs from the Tour

2nd August 2013 Berlin

Our first stop in Germany was in Frankfurt, just a stone’s throw from Strasbourg. We stayed over the night at Mikin’s place – he was our German connection and of course we wanted to perform in the evening. The circumstances were utmostly favourable as there were enough other buskers playing, dancing and performing on Zeil high street and for our deployment we managed to park as near as a hundred meters from our chosen place. Although there was a three-member band with a blonde violinist playing, when we turned up, they slowly started to pack so we went on to land our stuff. As soon as we finished, it came clear why they had finished. The police stopped them. When asked why, an obliging member of force explained they could play for twice 15 minutes with a break between. Then he added amplified music is not allowed in all the city. When he later saw my Roland it made him laugh and he went on to say I could only use my vocal chords.

Anyway, Frankurt is a very nice city, modern, no winding streets or leaning houses, just 21st century. Instead of performing we went to see the “bad side” of the river – Sachsenhausen district and enjoyed a bite from local nightlife. For a Thursday it was quite good!

Das grosse Finale

Penetration Euro-Street Tour

The next morning we said good bye to Mikin and set off towards Berlin – our ultimate destination! It is not close at all but German highways make it easier. I find it as if Germans were mocking the neighbouring countries saying: come try out how proper highways should work and don’t pay for it, it’s normal like that at us. Respect! (Even more so when you arrive in Czech, then you start to feel ashamed and beg for Anschluss.) We arrived around 6pm, checked in the hotel at the outskirts and were so knackered we had to have a nap, even though there was no time for it. (Somewhere we found that music can be played outdoors only up to 9pm, which we were hardly making.)

Berlin is the largest city we have visited on our tour, which brought about a question, where to perform actually. Google claimed Alexanderplatz for the second best busking spot in the world and as soon as my mind cleared I realized it was „the right place“! Facebook commentators threatened by excessive competition, I took it as my „final fight“, though, so regardless, I did not gave a fuck!

We parked just behind the corner from the square and found out there was a communal feast or something with stands and official program. There was even more people so and individual performers faded out in the bustle therefore we didn’t have to be afraid of disturbances. Nobody played beneath the time machine, just a couple of high dread-heads was about to initiate a romantic intercourse. I could not believe my eyes! I offered them our concert as the background for their activity, they gladly agreed and the spot was ours!

During unloading our stuff the pole slid out of the case and fell down on the ground from about a meter or so. It looked ok (what the hell can happen to a stainless piece of steel), but it was not, as we saw a moment later. After pulling all our equipment to the spot I turned on Roland and Eva started to assemble the X-stage pole. When the stage was finished and my shortened moisturize set was over, the pole turned out to be unable to be fitted to the stage (obviously resulting from the fall) and the MP3 player started indicating low battery. Scheisse! Besides, huge flames were thrown by some piro-equipment on the official stage just behind me and the time machine. My beat was outdone by the flamethrowers and people were overstimulated by all of it around so I hesitated for a while if it is worth trying. Eva was struggling to repair the pole (how do you want to repair a goddamn steel pole without visible damage??) and I went mechanically on waiting for my battery to go out.

Die froehliche Endung

The flames ceased, people begun to gather, a few of them sat down, some even offered help to Eva and my MP3player kept going. I introduced Penetration and explained it had been right there, in the underground, where I met Eva 6 and half years ago and that the tour is our honeymoon at the same time. Eva could miraculously make the pole cooperate and everything turned out better! An audience of about a hundred formed in front of us, mostly youngsters having a good time out, one of them poured all his wallet into our hat and we had a great gig in the end. A police car appeared, drove by and turned behind the corner a couple of policemen walked by a moment later and still without any problems. I gave an encore after which individual guys came to ask and chat. There was a splendid easy atmosphere with the TV tower winking at us from above. Gutte Nacht Berlin and we pack our stuff..

Penetration Euro-Street Tour

01. 08. 2013

Penetration Euro-Street Tour: Strasbourg

burningboy Blogs from Tour

31st July 2013 Strasbourg

Definitely leaving south of France, we set off northwards direction Frankfurt, where our German connection was awaiting us. It’s hell of a distance se we divided it into two parts with a stop over in Strasbourg. I ended up there once before with my fellow Peter, when we were hitch-hiking across Europe and I was impressed. It’s just on the German border and during the moving history it had changed nationality several times. Currently it’s French, but as its name implies, it’s not that simple.

French highways are fu*king expensive (the crossing would come at double the price our yearly higway fee), therefore we chose state roads. Sometimes they have two lanes and they always give a real experience of the countryside (together with unnecessarily proper tours of cities on the way), which made the journey more attractive. During my constant overtaking it came to me that we – Czechs are a bit unique among our neighbour nations – we see a difference between what is illegal and what is still possible. Here, everybody does just what is legal and they do not think about more. We know something more is still possible. Otherwise, I cannot understand their driving style..

We arrived in Strasbourg as late as at half past nine, so we had something to eat, drink I had two bagels (How I Met Your Mother style;), wine and asleep we went. The next day we had a plan of sightseeing and finding out about busking. We didn’t believe in it much, even if busking.com claimed Strasbourg one of the best cities for performing. We had Luxembourg as the plan B, they say it’s beautiful but nobody knew about busking there either.

Street Law

What surprised me the most was the fact Strasbourg is half the size of Brno. It had given me the impression it must have been at least double the size of Brno. Germanic half-timbered houses in the centre, modern architecture around, the river, bilingual signs and a varied mix of inhabitants makes it a really attractive destination. We went to Strasbourg Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art and agreed on Kupka being the best (he is decently represented there). We moved on to the cathedral, which used to be the tallest building in the world back then (of our world) and we found the tourist information office. An informer there pleased and surprised us by the most appropriate answer, that if we have our instruments, we should definitely perform, because we would contribute to and enrich the local atmosphere and that’s exactly what they want! He only warned me against the street law, but I was already content thinking where we would make it.

It tends to be a problem in historic cities to find a level spot where the X-pole could be assembled. We also need enough space around, Eva spins and I jump, you know, it’s not easy. In the end we didn’t have other options that make it just in front of the main door of the cathedral. A little blasphemy but not that big for burningboy - the non-believing dog..

Penetration Euro-Street TourHaving overslept a bit in the park, we had to get moving for our show as we had to make it before a videomapping session on the cathedral at 10.30. When we turned up at the spot we only found a band playing a kind of regional music out of donno-where. What do we do? There was no other comparable place around and our time was running. Luckily, the band gradually ran out of songs and after the last on they started packing. That’s when I started unloading our stuff from the car preparing our deployment.

Deployment is one thing, finding a parking place afterwards is another. I found one actually quite soon, but a policeman on his way home from work in his personal car stopped me and sent out. I was spinning around the city as a hungry wolf pack, yet before I found another miserable place, half an hour was gone. And before I got back on our spot, a romantic Spaniard was grinding the strings of his guitar on the corner of the square. Just fuck it – I kicked my Roland in (at half its performance) and people gradually moved over to us. We were running quite late so I had to drop much of my song list. As I started, people gathered, they applauded, first rows sat down, three girls in the front supported me, it was better than I could have imagined. At last, some 400 to 500 people were watching us. Eva was pushing me forward in the playlist, because her parts were in the latter half. When she came to tell we had time for the last song I wanted to play bleeding&burning – her second dance, suddenly light blinded us and music blasted – the videomapping started.

No Need for a Permission Even in France

Only then it hit me, the crowd didn’t come to see us, but the animated cathedral, in spite of the fact it was awesome. I had seen such crowd only once before – at Pohoda festival at my guest appearance in Panacik’s show. A guy with a five Euro note came to us to appreciate our gig. He said I sang great and Eva.. (didn’t have to say anything8). I gave him the album. We sat down to see the videomapping and after it during a break we ran back to encore with bleeding&burning together with Eva. The people began to move on from there, but when we kicked in, they stopped and listened. Then there was another part of videomapping and a German team of fire-show buskers. We packed our stuff and I set off to get the car. When I returned, the police was operating and the Germans were packing too. It seemed no fire was allowed and actually music neither!? So the French laws do apply in all the country. And the information guy is a funny bloke indeed, he should check out first, what the rules are here..

Eva was cross at me, because she could not perform all her three choreographies, but it was too late for anything. When I perform I never wear watches, the time doesn’t exist for me. I am fully concentrated and I cannot do anything other much. Definitelly not calculating times of my songs. MP3 player plays on and on without stopping, so before I can take a minute to think about what to drop and what to play, there is another track playing already and I must do my thing. Even though it was absolutely highlights of the tour yet and my biggest crowd ever!

Penetration Euro-Street Tour

31. 07. 2013

Penetration Euro-Street Tour: Avignon

burningboy Blogs from Tour

29h July 2013 Avignon

The original destination and the furthest point of our tour was Barcelona, therefore we crossed the border to France. Yet we reconsidered the itinerary regarding the crowds of tourists and the overall scale of the city. We assumed smaller cities would suit our purpose better with better car access to busking spots and more opportunities to park. However, before we realized there was no point in going to France we were looking for a spot in Nice.

Earlier at Pohoda festival, we had met guys from Naive New Beaters and when we brought up  we were planning to go on a busking tour with electro and pole dance across Europe, firstly they didn’t believe us much and secondly they disclosed it wouldn’t definitely be possible in France. Maybe with a permission. I’m not that naive to believe everything to a Frenchman and asking for a permission for a burning show, no comment..

Dont even think about it

We found a busking spot quite soon, there were a few live sculptures hanging around (I don’t know a bullshittier bullshit than pulling yourself into a costume and stand the whole day motionlessly like you-know-what..). Well-tempered I later approached two policemen to reassure myself if busking was really possible here. Unlike the Italian they could speak English quite enough, so they could summarise it by clear “No. No, don’t even sink about it.” With a permission only, which we could hardly arrange on Friday evening (nor on Saturday nor Sunday obviously). Unlike the Italians, these didn’t look like they were open to discussion either.

We were left with no other option than the “holiday mode”. Nice is very nice. We went sightseeing, followed policemen going into action mediating some imigriots, swam in the sea.. The ban lingered in the air, though and choked me. Moreover, I started to run out of bagels (see How I Met Your Mother), not a very enjoyable situation. And it went on like that in Monaco, Cassis, Arles and Nimes, where we ultimately decided to turn it over to Germany. We set off direction Strasbourg with a stop over in Avignon (Eva enticed me by The Young Ladies of Avignon.) No need to explain here that under the circumstances the initial enthusiasm form France worn off damn soon and with contribution of various Franco-fascist manifestations (the hotel receptionist mocked me for not understanding his French) I wasn’t really fond of any cute medieval towns at all.

Penetration Euro-Street TourThere’s a theatre festival (Off) going on the whole July in Avignon and despite my sympathy towards theatre people being similar as to the French, I must admit there was vivid festival atmosphere and finally people weren’t looking at us like we were about to steal their jobs or subsidies. In addition to it the centre was full of buskers and plenty of theatre group’s agents inviting everybody to their shows, so we couldn’t help and began cook up how to pull it off. At the tourist information office a guy told us we need the goddamn permission as usual, but then he went on to give us green light stating it was festival time, so we could do what we want! We chose a lovely little place at steps to a church and when we returned with our stuff we found two policemen occupying the spot. The moment of truth – Eva explained in French that we were going to give a performance there and they wrapped it up and wished us “bon spectacle”.

I directed our show towards the steps, where a few tourists were sitting and Eva began to assemble the X-pole. The street with passing by crowds was behind our back. It was a bit of a dilemma, which direction to target to, but after the Genova promenade I opted for the steps amphitheatre and comfort of the audience. There were couples, seniors, the whole families, theatre agents, dustmen and for a while even driving-by policemen watching us. The staircase in front of me was filling gradually and when I turned back in the middle of my set, I found there were three times more people behind me than in the front. The street was almost jammed. My speaker worked well, although mono it was loud & clear. People were taking photos and shooting us, girls were jealous of Eva and a woman with two boys in a pram, for whom I was too loud, told me “bravo” when she was leaving involuntarily. Our royalties were for a lunch maybe, but we enjoyed the show really much and also the reception was very positive. When we later met some of the audience in the city they greeted us and smiled. And we did so too. We made it in France and even without the permission!

Penetration Euro-Street Tour