01. 02. 2011

KELVEK meets BURNING beats

design by Kelvekburning joined forces with Kelvek and thanks to their local know-how we managed to arrange A4 - Zero Space - the renowned alternative culture spot for an event called  KELVEK meets BURNING beats on 12th February. Brno's festival of independent culture and platform for creative trends expands its influence map and after previous stops in Czech cities like Prague, Opava, Zlín and Pilsen adds Bratislava, Slovakia.

burningBEATS bring  Voodooyoudo? and Belarussian performers Difis for the first time here, along with DJ Cuffia, who has already played here in Radosť club and burningboy, that introduced himself in Petržalka's Za Zrkadlom (Behind the Mirror) club. Challenge to the local scene was taken up by the head of Stroboskop label, enfant terrible a.k.a. Future Sound of Petržalka, who introduces his latest, almost family, project called Eva Ketara & Stroboskop DJs. Local creative vibe is represented by Kelvek's Dizajn Market, which precedes the music program and saves all original romantics in the St. Valentine's eve.

We have been watching Bratislava's thriving art scene closely for a long time and we look forward to the joint venture, not only bacause of the Slovak beauties' temperament, but also for new contacts, creative influences, mutual inspiration and we also hope this event establishes a new tradition and partnership . We are curious already now who from Bratislava we will invite to some of the following burningBEATS in Brno!

The first 50 visitors to the party get burningboy's moisturize album.