15. 10. 2010

Interview with burningboy and his manager Griet

Griet s vlnitými vlasy

16th September 2010, Steiner Café, Brno, Czech Rep.

Hi Griet. I can see you've got wavy hair, how did you manage?
Sky wires from newspaper, I've slept like that. I can even show you but nobody will see as it's just an audio record.

That's a pity but show me anyway..
You brush your hair.. then twist it like this.. lift it up high.. there you tie it like this.. and make it all over your head.. And then you really look like antenna for extraterrestrial communication.


You've just been too Scandinavia, what people did you meet there?
Since I was hitchhiking, I met great people only. Because it's only people who want to help and are crazy in a way themselves who stop. And such people are always just wonderful. I reckon you are interested in the biker gang in Oslo, though.

Right, motorbike gang, sounds wicked!
Fancy, we were gaming all night on Wii. We played golf.

Golf?! Bikers play golf on Wii?!

Exactly. And have icecream for breakfast. And distil their own alcohol from grapes, which is said to have 70%... I drank 15 shots and I was ok. And if something, you can delete this.. my friend sniffed with them later...
Cocaine only... and when we were all sleeping already she was out of her head playing golf on Wii until 8am and she mastered all tricks!

Well, it fits together, golf - cocaine, but motorbike gang and Oslo, I don't know..
And fancy we were on a farm with them. And we observed surrounding landscape with the chief of the gang, who told me he loves when he wakes up i n the morning makes himself coffee, rolls a hash spliff and goes outside to watch the lake.

Griet ve ŠkandináviiNorwegian romance on a bike, huh?
Right. Besides that I had one more. We reached a mini vilageUtvik where a truck driver and his granny put us up. So he suggested a ride on his bike. And we were doing 110 mph along the lake and overtaking in curves.

Andwhat have you been doing all three weeks?
Aa, I don't even know really. Had lots of parties, slept little, I was trying to finish a song all the time and and it had been finished before, actually, so I actually didn't do much. Now Im trying to make my flat, make it a party place and say at the beginning of October it will have been finished so I'm not gonna do anything but party from then on.

How do you write a spong that has already been written?
So I play it repeatedly over and over again to convince myself it'sgood ornot. And according to how I like it or not I decide to leave it like that or I find something to change and I change it. As I've thought it's good so far so I'm taking it as finished now.

How is it to listen to yourself? I've always  been interested in it cause I cannot stand hearing myself.
So there isn't my voice in the song yet, but I'vbejust recorded it there and it's a  terrible record only so that there is something, so that Ibe knows what is there. Because right in this song I will collaborate with Ibe he should sing a verse or two so I just had to record it for him. It sounds horrendous I don'tplay it toanyone and  I don't listen to it either cause it's really just a draft. But when it's finished and it sounds as it should you can listen to it. But as I've heard the song sloads of time when it's finished I cannot play it for a half year at least.

Griet ve stylu Rita von AnarchiaHow is it with your BDSM experience, Griet?
All my body is all blue rat the moment. And it's because of Stockholm's underground. Do not want to know what's going on there.

So some underground orgies in Stockholm's underground trains?
With a turnstile.
Sounds perverted enough.
Well, it's gotthree rods...8)))
But I can tell you another BDSM lesbian story...
I decided with my previous girlfriend to have wax orgies. We searched the place for all candles, lit them all, surrounded them around the bed it slowly began to have a rite vibe.. So she went to have a quick shower and when she returned I was sound asleep..

And she didn't wake you up?
No, cause she enjoyed the way I was sleeping amids the candles. She let it be and observed me for a while only.

So she just got off above you and then went to sleep with you..
I didn't find out about that.

I've got a friend whose dream is to be waken up by.. ehm, how tosay it? She dreams of being waken up by.. (we are at a cafe garden surrounder by people) She wants to be waken up by a penis! That wasn't the case?
She doesn't have a penis, you know..

Griet manažérkaThat's the disadvantage of lesbian interaction..
How did you get to music management anyway?
Throu Tesco. Donno if you remember but when you were doing last summer's burningBEATS. And I didn't have a clue what it was so as soon as I saw you online I started annoying you. Well, when you came up with the line I could win your CD, a typical Slovak chord stroke inside of me - FOR FREE? GIMME! WANT IT! So we met shopping together in Tesco and it added up to all my friendships with guys from Trnava Art club and here we go..

Who have you collaborated with?
With Čisté tvary, The Ills, with you and Climatizado and Rest In Haste the latest!

What about your singing career? I saw a brilliant video where you sing in front a full club..

We wanted to get to the concert for free... besides, we wanted to hear altered version of the song Wings by Čisté tvary, that they would sing  "Romana gives me wings" and "Soňa gives me wings" instead of "music gives me wings". In return, we offered to sing the refrain.                                                                                                     My current singing career takes place in the shower only. It's better like that.
So you arrange free tickets to concerts with the condition that you perform on stage?! I must try that too, but I'm not sure how I would get on.

burningboyHow do you feel about some girl-fans getting wet while listening to your songs?
I feel very positive about it, I feel they understand the message of my "moisturize" album.

Do you think about it when you write new songs? So that they have the same effect?
I don't actually "think about it" that much, however, I do want it to be like that!

How do you feel on stage? I feel pretty good on stage until people start whistling and leaving.

Do they often leave?
They leave evertime, but not all of them and some actually return.

So it isn't that you  enjoy your position of "outsider " in art?
Well, I quite enjoy it, cause I like to embarrass the people who take it deadly seriously and the ones who think they guarantee some quality. Those usually have problems with me. But I don't so I can enjoy it.

burningboy in ZlínDo you tell the success of your concert also by the number of people who left? The more people left the more successful?
It depends, generally speking it's possible as the negative experience or reaction IS a reaction and sometimes they are really wild.

Now we are preparing for a Halloween party in Zurich. Are you looking forward? What are you planning? Any concert nightmares?
I'm looking forward a lot, even more so cause I don't  have to dress up for anything. It will be just fine if I come as burningboy and I reckon my costume will be way enough.

So burningboy is a kind of a creature in your life?
Definitely. Terrible creature.

How does he differ from you?
His difference is.. he is a pronounced personality in one way only, which works on stage, in the studio or on the record. In real life he wouldn't probably survive, but as my alter ego he's just fine.

We' re actually a pair of kinda alteregos.

Do you often have panini for breakfast?
Often. Yesterday too.

You get up late, don't you?
I do, when I can, however, I quite often have to get up early and that's hell. When you've slept for three hours..

Ibe, burningboy, DanskoWhat do you do at night?
I seek for inspiration at night. At night I'm burningboy so: Sex, drugs, electro, baby!

And I've also heard about some of your humorous sexual experiences, can you drop a line? The one about the band...
Well I was at Pohoda festival (in Trenčín, Slovakia A/N) and as all Pohoda people wear the wrist bands on after the festival, I wore it too.. At one moment, in bed, it happened to draw in around my wrist and I didn't really know what to focus on, what to do. I saw my hand turn red, blue, dark, how it twitches but simillar proceses were going on down there on me too and I couldn't decide which of them I should sacrifice. In the end I had to cut off the band, otherwise nothing would be possible. I was glad, however, that I didn't cut off anything else!

Meanwhile, there is not enough memory on the recorder all the time and burning has to delete some porn over and over again.. Do you often watch porn?

What do you like the best?
All of it.

Do you get inspiration? Where?
Yeah, it was some „group orgies“ the last time.

It wasn't!? How did it end up?
It ended up very well and it will even continue so I'm looking forward to next weekend.

Is it an invitation for some of the people who will read this?
As they will read it probably long after this weekend  they must hope for some other time.. Groupies can email on burning@burning.cz!

The address is always not working with my emails. That's because it's full of such proposals..

burningboy in OpavaHow do you chose people for such events?
Well I must like them. They should like may music. Ideally, they should arrange a concert for me somewhere. I've always dreamt of making a career in bed.

Do you sometimes shoot youreselves on video? Or what are you deleting from your phone all the time?
We do, but I wouldn't delete that!

Do you publish it?
I'm planning it when I retire and when I'm really old. Then I will release it, cause then all the girls will be glad to see how pretty they were and how great times they had.

Do you want to use it as background music?
Rather a video!

Do you think they would play your video somewhere? Or would you release it on vimeo or porntube?
Porntube preferably or amateri.cz, but I expect all serious media would ban it so I hope it would be an affair in the tabloids and stuff..

So you really want to become famous through bed, porn, and through.. hm.. how is it?
Personal relations.
No, no, through scandals!
Well I'm not successful singer so I have to try what is possible.
(If you've read up here, e-mail on burning@burning.cz and you will get a free ticket to the next burning event, A/N)

What else are you good at besides porn?
Hmmmm, hmmmmm...
I can definitely roll the most beautiful spliffs!

Actually, I thought you would say you can roll the most beautiful girls..
I can so, of course, but you would expect that with a punk star, wouldn't you?

MultivitamínPunk star. Do you see yoursepf as stage follower of Iggy Pop? With your undressing stuff?
Definitely! I work hard so that I get into the shape as he has and I'm even having my hair grown so I hope I will as big as him..

And what about the wrinkled and sunk face? Iggy's not yours!
That will come too.
Are you doing something for it?
Well I work hard on my career, so I'm working on that, too, yes.

Is there something that can put you to the blush?

What events are you preparing now?
Now it looks like a hopeful collaboration with Electronic Bitches. I seem to be making some of their Electronics (regular Tuesday nights in Perpetuum, Brno, A/N) and I'm preparing an exhibition in Bratislava and I'm playing in Bratislava!

Which club?
Za zrkadlem.

That's a good one. I like it!I've been there once only and I can't remember anything. A story, which has become almost an urban legend, dates from here. A story about griet, Fuxo - Swan Bride's bassguitarrist, interview without a recorder, boots and vomiting. Fuxo has still had very mixed feelings about me till today.
But he can't forget you too for sure.
As I'm saying it's turning into an urban legend... like two days later their producer-friend mailed me if it was really me who vomited on Fuxo's pointed polished lether boots.
burningboy, Camille, JáraThey wanted to start collaboration with you?
No, no, I'd known that producer from a festival in Prague so it was just a question in terms of conversation. Actually I often make friends at concerts and festivals, when I'm drunk.. or drunk.
That's normal. Me too..

But it can bring about interesting collaborations. Sometimes.
Yeah, yeah, in the backstage, in the bathroom..

How is the Czech and Slovak music scene in your opinion?
It's well, however slowly developing both in Slovakie and in Czech. In Slovakia it's mainly thanks to Pohoda festival, FM Radio and all bloggers, music journalists and smaller or bigger concert promoters who take interest in alternative scene. Nontheless I don't like to mention "alternative" together with Slovakia.
As for the Czech scene, I know only the one in Brno. And I must say I have never lived in a city where there would be so many events for small bands, projects, DJs or even street musicians... you might not feel the same but I used to live in a big city before where we were happy when Dušan Grúň and Eva Máziková or No Name played for us once a year. So I can really appreciate what's going on here. In my opinion it's working better here than in Bratislava. However, it's Košice that is going up nowadays in Slovakia thanks to the project European Cadpital of Culture. It's based on the city program being made up by local clubs, which are financed by European Funds.  At the moment I envy everyone who can hang out at least once a week in Kasárňa/Kulturpark.
What pisses me off is the weirdness of Czech audience. For example the burning pARTy, with Čisté Tvary a The Ills. There was quite enough paying people but most of them got stuck sitting with a beer. And that's something I don't understand. Why do I creep to a party when I spend it sitting behing a jar. Slovaks have much bigger fun. According to principle: "I've paid so I'm gonna fucking jump my head off!" This applies also when the people don't like the event. They just get more drunk.

Hm, hm, I'm looking forward to Bratislava!
Last question: why did you join your managerial occupation with such a loser as burningboy?
I enjoy it.. And I think I don't need any more reasons. I enjoy working with outsiders and try to persuade others that they are great and I believe it.I am a manager-outsider myself. So I think we are a perfect combination.

And my last absolutely stupid question: coniferous or deciduous?
Coniferous! Deciduous fall down and they don't stab.

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