11. 10. 2010

Electronic Bitches present:

Flying Pipi

burning has begun closer collaboration with the legendary Brno’s DJ crew and we are planning joint ventures, as far as regular Tuesday’s Electronic parties in Perpetuum club are concerned. Last Tuesday’s Flying Pipi party was the first swallow. It was burningboy and minimon’s more musical half Darya Dorfer who performed together with Electronic Bitches. Besides decent electro beats, which you are used to here, you can also expect artistic overlaps at our parties, adding installations and performances by young artists and concerts of bands that use electronic sound in their music. By widening the scope of Electronic nights’ concept, we all just want to show clearly that electro is not only Tuesdays at Perpetuum but more importantly an original life style, which is not limited by genre labels.

Proof is the invitation to Friday’s new edition of Shuk’N’Denc party – flagship of Electronic Bitches’ promoter portfolio. The headliner behind the DJ mix is one half of Heavy Feet producer duo followed by Russian-born Praguer dMIT.RY. Roman Pokrokov - one of the Electronic Bitches crew has written a short story on the occasion, which has unfortunately not been translated into English. Luckily, he has shot a video as well so you can see the life of electro freaks in Brno by your own eyes. If you want to experience it live you will have to get out on Friday night and come personally, though.


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