24. 05. 2010

Dojezd 23.5.2010

Dojezd 23-5-2010 by user2661619

burning a Jeffowski ze 6 dBs připravili pro Dojezd na Rádiu R tento line-up:

Night - Pragmatism, Kazety - Smutná (Romano Porni MPC in the Ghetto remix), RaRa Avis - Convention forthe Paradise, Voodooyoudo? - 6th Floor, At the Drive-In - for now... we toast, Dizzee Rascal - Bad Behaviour, The Inspector Cluzo - Fuck the Bass Player, Electrica Lady - Robot Woman, Queen Sea Big Shark - Money Fxxxer, Lus3 - Aplaus, Vanessa - Spolkni ďábla, Table - We Are No Longer The Same, Night - Superstition Kills, Boomtown Rats - I Don't Like Mondays