21. 04. 2011

New Release on Stroboskop.sk


"Another series of releases with remixed German electronics after the remix ep DJ Flush (shitkatapult) we introducing Die Einen and remixes from local Ika Sali and Damolh 33. Die Einen project is Julius Pescador and Sub-Square and, in this project they freed their fantasy of electronic ideas. The sound is rich and intense, and partly recalls the good old techno, but also minimal, house, electro and experimental and industrial-noise can be identified in a wide-ranging audio experience that’s what these two guys bring to you."

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Die Einen – Rindermett Original Version
Die Einen – Rindermett Damolh33 Remix
Die Einen – Rindermett Ika Sali Remix
Release Code: Stroboskop014
Released: 15/04/2011
Bitrate: 320kb/s
Greetings from Peto aka Nisiru www.stroboskop.sk