13. 04. 2011

Interview with Aim

The last interview with Aim went flat a bit, lost in translation maybe or the chemistry simply didn't work. This time burning asked Radio R Program Director Assistant Dominka Řebíková to do it in her professional way. And it went smoothly as silk.

AIM is Marco Fiorello and the brothers Marco and Matteo Camisasca. Their third album We are sailing will be out on May 3rd for ViaAudio Records. They say that the title is a metaphore for life, seen as a journey, having eleven songs aka pieces of a road.

Clouds of fog, friendly faces, favourite music and the years of real life, all that can be found inside, mixed together with both balance and fear; Aim see themselves as sailors of the modern world, in which every day has something new to reveal to us.

We spoke to Marco Fiorello, one of the cutest singers in the world. About AIM's new album, about the gig that they are about to perform in Brno, about dance and shirts and shoes.


When you played here on the courtyard of House of Lords of Kunštát last spring, you went pretty wild! Was it just the spirit of the moment or are you gonna be the same this time? Or you don´t know yet? Do the AIM guys usually take off their shirts while playing?

Yes, we are always pretty wild. Even if our music sometimes can be so mellow, we always put a lot of energy in performing it so that we end up the gig without our t-shirts or without our shoes.

You´re going to play at the Dance Party, are you going to dance? While playing? Afterwards?

We always dance while playing. I mean, we are Italians and we love dancing. Afterwards, if we have some energy left.

I hear you ended up at a place called Tabarin last time you visited Brno. (a notorious dance bar for pimps and hookers, A/N) Certain people would like to know how you liked the place, if you knew it before and maybe some story from there :)

I can’t remember having been to this place. Maybe yes, maybe no, but anyway it was nice!

Is Marco still so cute? A bunch of girls here can´t wait to see him again!

Which Marco? The singer or the bass-player? They’re both cute guys!

You are touring your new album, right now in Italy. How do you feel about it till now? What are the first reactions of your fans?

Since now we’ve had two gigs with the new album. The reactions have been very good and I think that they will be even better after our fans will have listened to the CD. I’m really proud of “We are sailing”; it’s really something different from “Spirits of your tide” and it is something that can’t leave you indifferent.

Did you introduce the new album at the very first show at Mezzago in a special way?

Yes. The club was really crowded, about 450 people. Before playing we sent on the stage some friends of ours who played the Italian opera “Aida” with their trumpets and brasses. Afterwards we jumped on the stage and we started the first gig. It was really nice and for sure it was a mean to cut up the tension.

Aim - album

How do you feel about new album when compared with Spirits of your tide? What can your fans expect this time? Are there any significant differences, and if yes, how did you get to the sound?

Compared with “Spirits of your tide”, “We are sailing” resembles more our live energy. While we can consider “Spirits of your tide” as a “studio” album, we can definitely say that “We are sailing” pictures faithfully Aim’s different souls. I mean that it perfectly combines our experimental and mellow soul with our aggressive and absolutely punk attitude.

What I love the most of this album is the delicate and very particular sound. We got the sound from the foggy weather of our beloved Brianza but also from to the collaboration with Federico Dragogna, our producer, and Alessio Camagni, the guy who recorded the album. In fact Ale did a lot of experimentation on our music while recording. For example he put a scuba-mic in a piano to record the drums in a particular part of a song.

Can you say who, actually, the author of the songs is? Is it the band all together, or is there someone who plays the leading role in composing new tracks?

Actually I’ve always been the author of the songs, in the sense that I have an idea while playing my guitar at home and a little voice-line. Then I bring the riff and the voice-line in our rehearsal room and together with Marco and Matteo we build up the structure of the song.

What was the band doing few days before the tour? Were you still working on your live performances till the last moment or were you enjoying the quiet time at home to get the energy for the long tour?

The tour started 1st April and we had the last rehearsal on Sunday 27th March. I spent the last week at home with my family, enjoying my little child, while I think that the twins had a rehearsal on Wednesday 30th.

Hugs from Italy,

Fiore & Aim

Aim - Reverse by burning Aim perform at burningBEATS DANCE pARTy at Zbrojovka, Brno, The Czech Republic