burning promotes young gifted artists and organizes extraordinary culture events for public. It represents a group of selected personas and collaborates with many more creative people not only from Brno and the Faculty of Fine Arts but also from other Czech cities and Slovakia. burning exhibitions are completed by music feature by rule or there is some other additional culture program. They aim to give complex artistic presentation where each feature amplifies the other. Combining various genres and art forms, burning blends an explosive culture cocktail, which attracts deserved attention as originality, authenticity and unmistakable expression are always key ingredients.

Adding to art exhibitions and parties, burning also prepares the successful burningBEATS festival, which had the preliminary year and the first independent one visited by around five thousand people all together. Besides Brno, it has been held in Prague too and while on the clubbing tour it visited three more Czech cities. If you are bored with retrospections of dead authors, still the same parties or the official culture, stick to burning. Let the smoking works by burning artists into your life and experience the presence.