16. 11. 2010

Electronic: Sametovka, 16th Nov 2010

We wanted to support the spectacular program of Electronic on the Velvet revolution aniversary eve together with  VJ Hurikán a.k.a. Václav Peloušek - multimedia artist. He canceled his performance in the end so, for long, it seemed as if the burning presence in the successful project was only formal. After Attitudes! breathtaking show with the electric guitar a spontaneious idea turned up. Why don't we throw a little unexpected afterparty  in the burnings studio. The soireé went down as expected, even though we had to throw out accompanying Haters band member due to obvious incompatibility of his attitude with ours. Stating that: "sex is for stupids"  he altogether lost our trust and we had to go on without him. Don't  expect any photoshoot yet Attitudes! press speaker sent two messages: you've got it wicked, burning " and "we wanna play in Brno more often". Something was said about a joint tour with burningboy, too, but all of that is to be seen yet.