Vendula Kramářová

Vendula Kramářová is an Art Education graduate at Pedagogical Faculty of Masaryk University and currently she is proceeding in her third year of painting study at Faculty of Fine Arts in Brno. Her last year’s diploma work got a very good assessment and it got her a Critics Awards nomination, too. She has illustrated two children’s books already and her paintings come to be so in demand that they even have become subject to theft as well! She creates with such author confidence that her supervisors at the faculty often do not know whether to support her or hold back about it. Good thinking, abundance of preliminary drawing, a story at the background and clear vision result in the ultimate integrity of her work.

Since her pop beginnings with genre pictures Kramářová has moved towards painting in cycles. In each of them, she focuses on a new viewpoint and method of approach. She experiments with technique, form, material or concept. Each cycle represents a different way, however, all of them aim at a similar direction – they seek the key to an authentic painterly coding of reality. Her visual language lies between abstraction and concreteness and with it she forms flamboyant compositions of colours, structures, lines and surfaces. It is their contrast that helps keep this complex or even maximalist approach in balance.

Classic painting format is not sufficient for Kramářová and she constantly trespasses its boundaries. She thrives to capture the elusiveness of music, explosion, earthquake shift or under-seascape. Adding to the visual concert of forms she often emphasises a physical tactile sense of the object of the painting proper – she elevates the canvasses from the wall by means of her 3-D boxlike formats, she paints on the wall by shiny reflexions from colourful frames or she utilizes the surface quality of the base material in the composition. Choice of subject matter and detailed analysis bring a notion of monumentality in her works.

Vendula Kramářová is a burning paintress, hard-working and completely down-to-earth. Her artwork is a confident creative expression, reflexion of the world and reality in a concentrated personal way. Her discoveries of new possibilities and views are one reason not to loose track of her work – it is a real painterly adventure.