Vendula Chalánková

Vendula Chalánková is a versatile artist with unmistakable author signature. She graduated at Faculty of Fine Arts, Brno in 2006 and since then she has achieved a lot. Her activities encompass painting, performance, book illustration, art collecting, 3-D installations and she is an author of unique comic series as well. Adding to her many exhibitions in Czecho-Slovakia, she has been on display also in Hungary, Germany, Spain, Italy and Great Britain. The range of Chalanková’s activities is nicely exemplified by her inclusion in the Czech National Gallery collection along with cult underground designer reputation.

The essence of Vendula’s work is femininity. Nonetheless her rendering of gender does not have anything to do with shocking or violence. She can get close to the bone of partnership pitfalls with a noteworthy ease. Black and existential humour are her hardware, which makes the more sensitive readers cry with laughter. In Chalánková’s reality the line between sad and funny is pretty thin and she incessantly balances on it. The rugged comic stories for instance tell about complexes, childhood traumas and life-long stigmas, however, they make the viewers burst into laughter. Their truth will give you shivers in the end though.

Vendula Chalánková is also the owner of Zvrhlý Vkus (Deviant Taste) designer brand, which produces lines of unusual accessories and slightly decadent jewelery. Her recent illustration commission brought her a recognised Golden Ribbon Award for her version of Little Red Riding Hood children’s book. Childish naivety is another theme of Vendula’s artwork, yet those who know it a little better will grin. It was no coincidence they chose the Grimm brothers version of the text in B4U publishing. A story with a granny buying Vendula’s characteristic cartoon figure as gift for her grandchild explains all: “So I will take the one with the pink cap. – But Madame, that’s no cap, that’s the brain.”