Břetislav Malý

Břetislav Malý is one of the most distinct students of Painting Atelier 1 at Faculty of Fine Arts and with the end of the Master program coming, his artistic confidence grows even further. He hasn’t spent all his studies in Brno only, he’s gained international experience in Poland with Włodzimierz Dudkowiak and presently he’s painting in Klaudia Kosziba’s atelier in Bratislava, Slovakia. He’s had plenty exhibitions and awards nominations, in 2009 he even won the JungART prize for authors younger 35 years and his paintings can be found also in e.g. Uherské Hradiště City Collection.

Malý proclaims himself to be a Sunday landscape painter. At weekends, he takes colours, easel, palette and brushes and true to tradition, he sets off to the open-air. He roams, observes, makes preparation drawings and sketches future works. He endeavours to discover and capture life, see the story of the place and experience rapture of an artist who, as a divine creature, creates a new reality.

During the weekdays he works in the studio and transforms his experiences and drawing records into paintings. A wide scope of styles from realistic to abstract can be found in his pictures and probably only the fierce “unkempt” brushwork can be called typical for him. In the cycles he makes he looks into various issues however, all his paintings have one thing in common. They are dealt with individually. Each work is approached as a supreme example of its kind and the combination of form and style is there only to point out the story behind.

Břetislav is neither an eloquent artist, nor a spectacular showman, but if you look at him for a while he makes you feel like he knows exactly what he does. Painting is actually rather emotional thing for him. He watches his pictures for a long time and lives with them as if they were breathing. Sometimes even years after finishing them he makes adjustments, so that the message of the picture stays alive. When he is definitely done with the canvas, though, and it has all that it should, you find the old cliché about “artwork speaking on its own“ true with him. Břetislav is not after transposing a real view, a visual sensation he wants to live up the mystical moments of artistic creation and save their power for good. Watch carefully and let his paintings speak...

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